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Go Sildenafil Review: Expensive Sildenafil by a Mexican Manufacturer

  • Brand: Go Sildenafil
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Manufacturer: Liomont
  • Country of Manufacture: Mexico
Go Sildenafil Package
Go Sildenafil Package

Review and Description

Go Sildenafil is a generic brand similar to other common sildenafil medications applied in place of brand Viagra to care for men who are unable to develop and sustain an erection – a condition known as erectile dysfunction. Go Sildenafil is available in pills of fifty milligrams or one hundred milligrams. These pills are circulated in two forms: Standard tablets and orodispersible tablets (tablets that dissolve rapidly in the mouth). Both presentations take advantage of Sildenafil citrate as the principal pharmacologically active compound. This PDE5-inhibiting constituent induces widening of penile blood vessels after making the smooth muscles relax. This, in turn, facilitates rapid blood flow. These processes get going within as little as a half-hour after Go Sildenafil application. Following arousal a healthier, sustained erection is possible.

Laboratorios Liomont S.A is the generic pharmaceutical enterprise behind this medication. Operating from their offices in Cuajimalpa, Mexico the company has managed to carve itself a respectable place in the Mexican industry and beyond. At the top of a long list of endearing qualifications is the company’s 78 years of experience in the industry. Those 78 years were littered with advancements in the production of generic medications like analgesics, antibiotics, antispasmodics, anti-inflammatory drugs, oncology drugs, erectile dysfunction medications and others. Their singular dedication has engendered trust in an increasing number of customers.

Customer Reviews

We searched the internet for positive customer reviews to accompany the sterling reputation we described above. We couldn’t capture credible positive feedback to present to you here. While that may be the case we feel the preceding appraisal renders any planned purchase justified. If you have heard friends suggest this medication or come across it online we second that suggestion. But if you would rather try generic ED formulations that have concrete, positive customer feedback, there is an assortment of generic sildenafil medications that meet the criteria. We are going to add that we do think credible online feedback is a valuable indicator of the credibility of a manufacturer of any generic medication and it is usually better for prospective consumers to follow their lead.

Pricing and Dosage

You can purchase the standard tablets or the orodispersible tablets for a surprisingly similar price to the prices for which you can purchase Pfizer’s sildenafil. The above image is confirmation of exactly how much you will be spending make.

Go Sildenafil Price
Go Sildenafil Price

A box of four tablets of the orodispersible form of the fifty mg specification is sold for 188.50 dollars that is similar in comparison to the standard price of Viagra. This is certainly on the high side so if you’re looking for cheap stuff, look elsewhere.

There are two dosages made available by this manufacturer: Fifty milligrams and 100mg.

How to Buy Go Sildenafil Online

Go Sildenafil is widely available online but mostly in Mexico and on the online store pages of Spanish language websites. That means if you are someone who is used to purchasing generic drugs websites reputable English language websites maintained by credible generic medication vendors you are going to have to learn some Spanish or get someone who is at least conversant with the language to help you through the process. You can use the link in the previous section to purchase the drug.

How to Use

Go Sildenafil tabs, both the standard tabs and of course the orodispersible tabs are designed for oral intake using plain water although water isn’t required for the latter. The standard tabs should be taken unbroken so don’t grind with your teeth. Consumption of the following substances/foods is prohibited before Go Sildenafil use: Alcohol, Grapefruit juice and high-fat-content meals as these interfere with dispersion and by extension potency. A single dose not exceeding one hundred milligrams is recommended. Store away from moisture and heat. Store away from children.

Side Effects

Side effects are rarely observed with Go Sildenafil use when applied as per your doctor’s instructions but there are side effects that occur regardless, only very rarely due to allergic reactions. Those that occur due to failure to see a physician or dosages exceeding the prescribed amount are headaches, abnormal vision, dyspepsia, dizziness, rash and occasionally back pain. These are common and less grave. The unintended effects owing to allergies include facial flushing and swelling, hearing impairment and limb swelling. These are the less common and more grave effects.


Go Sildenafil is a quite expensive alternative to Viagra which is a rare break from what generic sildenafil users the world over have grown accustomed to. This aberration has not stopped customers in Mexico, North, Central and South America from patronizing this manufacturer. This is not unconnected with the nearly eight decades of experience the company, Laboratorios Liomont has under its belt. The Cuajimalpa-based enterprise has over the years made admirably relentless advancements in a number of fields by demonstrating foresight and dedication to excellence in pharmaceutical practice. This advancement and innovation in prescription and generic medications include antiseptics, antibiotics, oncology drugs, antispasmodics and of course Erectile dysfunction treatment. It is a massive operation that has made Go Sildenafil widely available in the aforementioned regions with a strong online presence and is slowly but surely catching the attention of others elsewhere. Despite the lack of reviews, we feel safe enough to recommend this drug on the basis of its years of experience and repertoire. We give Go Sildenafil a rating of 4 out of five stars. See a doctor before use.

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